well where do i start!

let me introduce myself

Im Claire, Im 27 and have 2 gorgeous children, Charlie who is 3 and Ella who is 3 months!

Since having my children, i have come to realise how powerful the internet is.

i spend most of my quiet time (when charlie is at pre school, and ella is napping) on the internet reading other peoples blogs, of which some are so inspiring, heartwarming and some make you stop and think how lucky you are.

I have spent alot of time reviewing products for websites such as buzz agent https://www.bzzagent.com/ and i am a member of savvy circle http://circle.supersavvyme.co.uk/en/

i love trying new products and telling friends and family.

the past couple of days i realised that when ive reviewed these products and after the campaigns are closed, you dont hear any more about them, sooooo heres my blog! i plan to review, share and love!

i hope you can follow my progress as i set up my blog and any help will be appreciated!

claire x


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